October 9, 2022

TopMomentum strategy strongly outperforms in harsh and volatile market times!

Last Updated on December 26, 2022 by The New Belgian Dentist

At the beginning of Q4 the value of our TopMomentum strategy is obvious. As of today YTD return of the S&P500 is -24.12%. Nasdaq is performing even worse: -32,72%. At the same time our TopMomentum R1n25 strategy is showing a slightly positive return of 0.32% (Figure 1).

For our European friends, who can use some good news in these terrible war and inflation times, the YTD picture is even brighter. Thanks to our strong friend, the dollar, for our preferred strategy (TopMomentum R1n25) YTD return in Euro is an asthonishing 17.11%. For S&P500 YTD return in Euro is -11.42%. Enjoy Figure 2!

Investors should be aware that, even though YTD return is terrific, volatility is high. This can make investing stressfull, but those who can avoid selling in panic, will harvest the fruits of their cool. Information about the construction of the TopMomentum portfolios can be found here.

Figure 1. YTD return TopMomentum R1n25 (in USDollar) in comparison to S&P500. October 8, 2022.
Figure 2. YTD return TopMomentum R1n25 (in Euro) in comparison to S&P500. October 8, 2022.

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