Returns 2021

Strategy Returns 2021

StrategyReturn 2021
DMI27.42 %
SMI28.73 %
CCPI Start To Invest11.99 %

As can be seen in the table, the results of different strategies for 2021 are excellent.

This is not unexpected since the indexes performed terrific this year. Actually the returns of SMI (28.7 %) and DMI (27.4 %) are the same as the results of SPY (S&P500 tracker) and QQQ (Nasdaq tracker) respectively. These strategies kept investers in the ETF’s even in more volatile periods. In 2021 disciplined followers of these strategies could enjoy the excellent returns of the market.

Our CCPI Start To Invest strategy is a more conservative strategy in which we are only partly invested. Most of the year we were invested for 60%, which is the maximum. With this strategy we realised a great return of almost 12%, with less risk compared to the other strategies.