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1. Introduction

Through the offering of the information on the website (the “Website“) and by accessing that information, we allow the placement of certain cookies or tracking technologies on the device of the end user / visitor (hereinafter “you“).

The Website is operated by Raf Jacobs, to which we refer in these website terms as “the company“, “we“, or “us“.

You can contact us by email via

Your questions or comments will be centralised with the person in our organisation responsible for these matters. This person will provide you with an answer to your question or comment as soon as possible.

2. General information

The present cookie policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Cookie Policy“) describes the different types of cookies and tracking technologies we use on the Website as well as your rights in relation to the use of cookies.

We have a strict privacy policy and we are committed to being transparent about the technologies used on our Website. To the extent that the information collected by cookies contains personal data, the provisions of the Privacy Policy apply and complement the Cookie Policy.

3. Some more information about cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is placed by a website’s server in your browser or on your computer’s hard drive or on your mobile device when you consult the website. Cookies are used to distinguish you from other users of the website.

First-party cookies are cookies that are used by the visited website itself. Third-party cookies are cookies that do not originate from the website itself, but from another website.

Session cookies are cookies that automatically disappear when you end your session on our Website. Persistent cookies, on the other hand, do not disappear immediately but only after a certain predetermined period of time.

The use of strictly necessary cookies is not subject to your consent, but through this Cookie Policy we want to inform you of the use of these cookies on the Website. However, for non-essential cookies (e.g. functional cookies, analytical cookies, marketing cookies, etc.) we ask your explicit consent via the cookie banner incorporated on the Website. You can choose to accept all cookies or to accept only certain categories of cookies.

Your consent can be revoked at all times. Further on in this Cookie Policy we explain how you can do this easily.

4. Which cookies are used on the Website?

We use different types of cookies on the Website, for the following purposes:

4.1. Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential for browsing our Website or strictly necessary for providing a service specifically requested/expected by a user. It is therefore not possible to delete these types of cookies. We are not required to obtain your consent for the use of this type of cookies, but we want to inform you about them nonetheless. If you do not agree to the use of these cookies, you may/can not use the Website.

4.2. Functional cookies

Functional cookies allow certain functionalities to be executed, such as collecting feedback or other third party functionalities. You can disable these types of cookies, but please note that in this case you will not be able to use certain functionalities. For an optimal browsing experience, we advise you to enable these cookies.

4.3. Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are used to understand and follow up how our visitors and users use and interact with the Website. These cookies allow to collect information on certain metrics such as number of visitors, from which website our visitors are referred to the Website, which pages are commonly visited, etc. You can disable these types of cookies.

4.4. Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies are used to send customised advertising to visitors based on the pages they visit and to measure and analyse the success of such advertising campaigns. You can disable these types of cookies.

4.5. Social media cookies

These cookies allow you to share the content of the Website with other people via social networks. Some sharing buttons are integrated through third party applications that may provide these types of cookies. Social networks that offer such a “share” button are likely to identify you with this button, even if you have not used it when visiting our Website. We invite you to consult the privacy policies of these social networks in order to find out the purpose of using the information collected via these “share” buttons by going to their respective websites. You can disable these types of cookies.

5. Refusing and managing the use of cookies on the Website

To understand which cookies have been placed on your device or to delete cookies, you can use the settings in your browser. The links below provide you with more information on how to do this for each browser type. Via you can find more information for the most commonly used browsers:

Internet explorer
Microsoft Egde

You have the option to withdraw your consent to the placing of cookies at any time, but you understand that such withdrawal will not affect the legitimate processing we have carried out on the basis of your consent prior to such withdrawal.

If you change your cookie settings as described above, this may result in certain parts of the Website not being able to display (correctly) or some interactions not working normally.

You can adjust your internet browser settings so that cookies are not accepted and so that you receive a warning when a cookie is installed or so that the cookies are subsequently deleted from your hard drive. You can do this via your browser settings (see above).

6. Protection of your data

Your personal data will be processed and dealt with in accordance with our Privacy Policy . This Policy provides further details on your legal rights as a natural person, such as access, rectification, erasure, data portability, etc. You can contact us at any time via the aforementioned contact details in order to exercise these rights.

In first instance, we would like to discuss any questions or concerns directly with you. However, we would like to point out that you always have a right to lodge a complaint or question to a competent supervisory authority. In Belgium, you can submit a complaint or question to the Belgian Data Protection Authority (see; address: Rue de la Press 35, 1000 Brussels; telephone: +32 (0)2 274 48 00; E:

7. Questions in relation to the use of cookies?

Should you still have questions or comments relating to the use of cookies on our Website, you can always contact us using the contact details as set out at the top of this Cookie Policy. We will respond to your question or comment promptly. In this case and in line with the legal provisions concerned, we may ask you to submit proof of identity so that we can equally protect the privacy of others.