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Stock market investing strategies for active professionals

The New Belgian Dentist presents stock market investing strategies for active non-financial professionals, inside and outside Healthcare. The strategies are easy-to-use investmentstrategies based on scientific research, backtesting and careful analysis.

The New Belgian Dentist is inspired by the archetype of the Belgian dentist. In financial literature the Belgian dentist is known as a conservative investor with a predilection for bonds. With this conservative investing strategy, during long periods in history, the Belgian dentist got  excellent returns with limited downside risk. But in recent years, with low or rapidly rising intrest rates, it seems impossible to get good returns with an all-bond portfolio. Therefore we present alternative investment strategies with the same goals: ease-of-use, excellent returns and limited downside risk.

Many of our strategies are based on trackers (ETF’s) of the major stock indexes and with a limited number of transactions. These strategies use Momentum, the observation that, throughout different stock market cycles, the probability that a trend will continue is greater than the probability that the trend will reverse. The mechanisms of these strategies and results of backtesting can be found under the sections of ‘ETF based strategies‘. YTD of returns and all information necessary for daily implementation of the ETF based strategies can be found under ‘Our strategies today’.

Top-Momentum is our most valuable strategy. With this strategy we use Momentum in a different way. The Top-Momentum strategy selects individuals stocks with highest Momentum. The mechanism of this strategy and results of backtests can be found under Top Momentum. All necessary information for the daily use of this strategy can be found in our Premium section.

Because of a busy professional life, our readers cannot spend whole days following stock prices. Therefor The New Belgian Dentist provides all necessary information for the daily use of science-based strategies. The New Belgian Dentist is intelligent and relies on careful analysis. Readers of Benjamin Graham might call him ‘The New Intelligent Investor’.

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Investment strategies for active professionals based on science and careful analysis